Caring for animals in greece
Kalymnos Animal Welfare Group

Welcome to our website, caring for the animals of Kalymnos, Greece, since 1995

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What We Do

We are an established group of caring people who try out best to take care of the stray animals of our island Kalymnos, We have organised cat colonies that we have looked after for years, established around the island. Our project for 2019 is to carry out vital neutering of those colonies in order to maintain a healthy environment and humane control of the population, which will prevent poisoning in over-populated areas.

We want to keep open our cat sanctuary / first aid centre, We treat injured & stray cats and place them in safe cat colonies, We also treat sick & injured stray dogs and re-home them wherever possible. We aim to promote awareness of animal welfare and care by distributing leaflets, literature and education within schools.

Please consider making a donation to the Kalymnos Animal Welfare Group via PayPal using the donate button at the top of the page to support our ongoing work on the Island, due to the increasing cost in everything in the world of animal welfare we are in urgent need of funds to support and continue the work we do!

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